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For Investors

Benefits of joining the North Texas Angel Network
North Texas Angel Network Investor Involvement
Have options. Be diversified.

Invest in your comfort level according to your plan.

Utilize the combined knowledge and experience of the network to help you make more informed decisions.

Successful early-stage investing is challenging and becomes increasingly difficult the earlier the investment is made in the startup's lifecycle. The typical angel network model of direct investments in startups is only sustainable if there is strong leadership from investors with a track record of achieving attractive returns, and even then, successful participation is limited by the ability to execute on a diversified startup investing plan.

It's kind of like betting on the new unknown horse and jockey with the low odds of winning. The potential for amazing returns are what draw investors in, successfully executing on a well thought out investment plan is what allows you to keep playing. This is why a strategy for building a diversified startup investment portfolio is key and utilizing ways to invest that offer the flexibility to support your plan are crucial as you gain experience as a startup investor.

NTAN is not a venture fund, an investment bank, a broker/dealer, investment clearing‐house, or an investment advisor, but rather a forum in which investors may be educated on aspects of investment and business, as well as introduced to companies for possible investment.

Levels of NTAN Participation:


This is a full membership to NTAN, including all pitch meetings, educational events, social gatherings, and much more. Members receive access to application database, member event RSVPs, and member newsletters.


General Membership + for up to four designees to represent the group and receive all the benefits of full membership for each group representative. Group types include: Family Offices, Investment Groups, and Angel Networks.

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For out-of-town investors who cannot attend the monthly pitch meetings in person, we offer a discounted virtual membership. Virtual members will receive all correspondence and benefits of an individual membership!

For Investors
Benefits of NTAN Membership

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