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Providing fuel for startups since 2008

Who We Are
NTAN is a Texas non-profit corporation that seeks out quality deals for angel investor consideration.

We are a part of a statewide network of angel groups that cooperate on deals across Texas. Our members identify and screen applicant companies, providing capital to selected opportunities to assist in their growth. Exceptional entrepreneurs from any industry are encouraged to apply.

We offer Individual, Institutional, and Supporting membership options. We also welcome Corporate sponsorship and participation.

NTAN acts solely as a facilitator, providing members with a forum in which to analyze, invest, assist, and monitor investment opportunities. NTAN does not provide investment advice.

Angel investors in Texas helping entrepreneurs.

Prior to Applying
Investment Criteria

NTAN accepts applications from entrepreneurial companies seeking funding that are domiciled in the U.S.

NTAN typically invests in companies within the SaaS, Fintech, B2B & B2C technology, Web3, health care and services industries. The following categories do not meet our investment criteria: Venture Funds; Ventures with a large real estate component; TV or Radio programs; Film, Theatre, or Art productions; Non-profit organizations; Organizations domiciled outside of the U.S.

We do not fund companies using the 506(c) exemption or Reg CF (Crowdfunding) or where our investments are subject to a broker/dealer fee. Companies that previously used the 506(c) exemption or Reg CF (Crowdfunding) must agree to self-certification of accredited status by our investors.

NTAN looks for these characteristics:

  • A capable management team with domain expertise
  • A scalable business model
  • An addressable market of at least $500 million
  • Limited capital expenditure requirements
  • Opportunities that can be accelerated with support from our investors
  • A product or service in beta (versus alpha) stage of development that has been created with input from clients or potential clients
  • “Proof of concept” revenue or significant pilots, except for health care bio/pharma, diagnostics and devices companies
  • A plausible exit strategy within 5-8 years
  • Valuation at first funding typically below $10 million
  • Typically seeking first-round of funding of $200,000-$1,500,000
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Our team
Learn more about our team

  • Executive Director, Board Member

    Jeff Murphy brings more than 25 years of experience as a sales leader with Ericsson and Owens Corning as well as more recently with entrepreneurial companies Mindbody, Sensative AB, and Haxiot.

  • Co-Chairman of the Board

    Trey co-founded and is now the Executive Chairman of the Dallas Entrepreneur (DEC) Center. Bowles co-founded and launched the Dallas Innovation Alliance, a public partnership developing a Smart Cities initiative for the City of Dallas. Bowles is co-founder and Chairman of the Mayor’s Star Council which is created with City of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to engage culturally diverse and civically-minded group of young professionals to make impact on the city.

  • Co-Chairman of the Board

    Chris Wilkes has founded, purchased and sold dozens of companies over the past 20 years. Currently CEO of EnginSoft, a company he founded in 2018, Chris serves as NTAN's Chair and a member of the board of the DEC. Chris is an active angel investor and mentor.

  • Board Member

    Contessa Hoskin is a business and technology executive with over 23 years of experience in strategy & execution, portfolio management, operations, and Mergers & Acquisitions across diverse industries. She creates growth and innovation for organizations to optimize financials, people, technology innovation, and performance across many industries including aerospace, SaaS, retail, petrochem (oil and gas), healthcare and more.

  • Board Member

    Laura Baldwin is the President at Waco Bend Asset Management, where she is responsible for managing her family’s investment portfolio. She also leads the Dallas chapter of a national angel investment group working to increase investment in women-owned and -led companies in her role as Managing Director with Golden Seeds. 

  • Board Member

    Ichan brings over 25 years of rapid growth, enterprise software, operations, sales, business intelligence and analytics experience having worked with both established and pre-IPO companies. Currently serving on the board with NTAN, Ichan is an angel investor and mentor to small business owners. Prior to co-founding Crunch Data and CrunchBot AI (both acquired by QlikTech), Ichan founded Accolade Advisors.

  • Board Member

    A serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and certified woman-owned business, Paige Dawson brings a unique blend of talent to advise small business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Board Member

    Wayne Millsap has over 30 years of financial, accounting and general management experience. He is the Managing Partner and Founder of CFO Advisory Services.

  • Board Member

    Jeff is an entrepreneurial executive with more than 25 years of experience leading companies and organizations in many industries including materials science, robotics, industrial automation, enterprise innovation management, hi-tech, SaaS, supply chain/logistics, software, and business intelligence from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar companies.

  • Board Member

    Chandra brings 22+ years of hands-on digital transformation Fortune 500 global leadership experience. He established global TEAMS and scaled agile lean culture in three to six months for 100 to 2000 size, $50M-$2B organizations with $350M business P&L responsibility.

  • Board Member

    Randy Johanneck has more than 37 years of financial, audit, and risk management experience. He is a retired banking executive, having worked at Bank of America, Bank One, JPMorgan Chase, Comerica Bank, and Wells Fargo.

  • Board Member

    Nick has served as general counsel to startups since 2017 and practiced in-house since 2009. Whether leading sales, HR, legal or strategy – Nick is a startup consigliere. Most recently, Nick served as General Counsel and Chief of Staff to ParkHub, Inc., until exiting after ParkHub’s $100m growth financing in 2022.

  • Operations Manager, Associate Board Member

    Mike is a Marine Corps veteran and student at Texas A&M University. Mike found a passion for entrepreneurship while running his consumer product company of 7 years and competing in pitch competitions.

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